Shyquana Bennett

Hey You!

Thank you for taking the time to explore my website. Three books down and so many more to go. I'm excited for this journey and I hope you're staying along for the ride. 

Check out what I've been working on and let me know your thoughts.


Peace & Blessings 


Who Is Shyquana...

Writing has always been my passion. As a child, it was my escape. When I couldn't express my feelings verbally, pen and paper came to my rescue. It started with poetry and that is how A Knot On My Heart was born. Every morning as I traveled to work, a new poem was on my heart. It didn't take long for me to realize that I had way too many to not make a book out if it.

But who would want to hear what the girl from the projects had to say? It was that kind of negativity that I placed on myself that made me want to be a self-publisher even more. I had to remind myself that where I came from doesn't determine my future.

I realized how therapeutic it was to sit with my laptop and just type chapter after chapter. I didn't have an outline, but I had a story that I wanted to share. With each word I typed the more my creative juices started to flow and that is how A Knot On My Dreams came to life. 

Journey along with me and let my imagination take you on a roller coaster ride...

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A Knot On My Dreams...

Ever had a dream and actually seen it come true? Well, welcome to Kristen's life. A middle school teacher, a great friend and an amazing soulmate. She has everything going for her but one thing she cannot seem to get right is stopping her dreams from coming true. Not only does her dreams come true, but also never with the same people from her dreams. Guilt floods her each time because she feels responsible when something bad happens. Worry fills her because she never knows whom to warn until it is too late. Would you be an understanding friend or would you blame her if something she dreamt about happened to you?


"Let your creative juices flow. Great things come alive when that pen meets the paper."

Shyquana Bennett